You don’t have to be one thing.

It’s ok. We’re naturally inclined to pigeon-hole. Job Titles are the most inviting of the pigeon holes.

A job title is a form of archetype that helps us over the threshold. As humans we’re completely dependent these thresholds, these archetypal entrance ways through which we invite ourselves to an initial understanding of a person. We find it hard to connect to anyone when we can’t see the archetype emerging.

But then, when someone has two, or three archetypes, it becomes difficult. For example, we find it hard to see how a person can be both scientific and creative at the same time (a science-artist), than just be a scientist. There’s a cultural pressure to decide on what one identifies as.

But it’s ok.

You don’t have to be one thing.

If you were a grey area, what would you be?

I love this quote from Vladimir Nabokov:

Frankly, I never thought of letters as a career. Writing has always been for me a blend of dejection and high spirits, a torture and a pastime — but I never expected it to be a source of income. On the other hand, I have often dreamt of a long and exciting career as an obscure curator of lepidoptera in a great museum.